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. this will be her first appearance before you. rachel came to us after having 10 years of experience with the projects in part of a consulting firm for about 10 years and previous to that received a bs in environmental economics and policy from cal and since coming to our department she's performed extremely well and is making a vital contribution to the work of the department in the city. so please join me in welcoming rachel shaut. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, president fong, i'm rachel shaut department staff. the item before you is on the draft environmental report or draft eir of 6th street affordable retail project. this is case no. 2011. i'm joined here today with my colleagues, the staff historic preservation and senior environmental planner and sponsor of mercy housing as well as architecture and planning. for the proposed project would include installation of the building. which is known as the hayes ston department buildings. the construction of a new 9 story mixed use building with retail on the ground floor and housing units above and note the 14 units would be desig
of pennsylvania county, virginia, and we have in our courthouse a portrait of rachel because she was born here supposedly in 1767 which was the year we broke off and organized our county and her father was a surveyor and she supposedly left her when she was 12 and the gossip was that he had to leave town because they were kind of interested in some of his surveys but anyway, we do have the site marked and we have rocks left from the frame house. did virginia play any part -- you know. >> thanks, mary. we'll pick it up from her. do you know this part of her biography? >> it was where she was born and lived until she was 12 when they decided to go over the mountains to the new territory but basically we know nothing about her girlhood. we extrapolate it was like the girlhood of other children on the western edges of settled territory. >> next is joellen in columbus, ohio. you're on the air. caller: hello. i was calling to see if rachel had any children. >> no. despite her deep wish for children, rachel had no children. she was one of 11 and those of her brothers and sisters who married had very
for the patient's young children. in addition,, care lynn rachel setup the family with support groups, therapy, communicationed with the schools and advocated for the patient and their families with the healthcare providers additional lesion a common request of patients who are near the end of their life is to return to their country of origin, here again care lynn work tirelessly to facility these requests with the family overseas they wrote letters to the embassy and is conscientious late and is place sure those wishes came true. care lynn and rachel do what they can nor the families and make that are every member of their clinic staff write condoll lens cards and the sympathy for the tragedyity conveyed throughout every step of the process, care lynn and rash chyle made sure that the patient received of the best possible care and personal if you have please welcome care lynn and rachel: (applause) ism (applause) . >> hi. so on behalf of rachel and myself our i would like to first thank -- for offering this incredible honor. but more importantly we want to thank the san francisco genera
stood by her man as he broke the color barriers of major league baseball. now rachel robinson continues to keep the legacy alive. she's our "slice of life." founder of the jackie robinson foundation, assistant professor of nursing at yale university, and recipient of 12 honorary doctorates, education has always been at the forefront of rachel robinson's mind. >> i was destined to go to college. there was no doubt about it. my mother and father were going to see to it. and i joined them in that desire. >> it was her freshman year at the university of california where rachel met the senior, jackie robinson. >> he was big man on campus anyway because he played four major sports, and i thought, okay, this is going to be -- this is not going to be so easy. well, i was totally shocked and totally wrong because everything about him was ideal and wonderful. and i was surprised. >> robinson proposed almost immediately. but after being drafted into the army, the couple waited five years to get married. but they knew they wanted to start a family. >> being a planner, i knew that i needed to spend
♪ >>> thanks to you at being with us tonight here on msnbc. i'm rachel maddow. the show is coming to you live from outside massachusetts general hospital in boston where we continue our coverage of the bombing attack that ripped through this city. just before 3:00 this afternoon. today is patriots day which is a holiday here in my home state of massachusetts. it's the day that tens of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of people pour into the city to run in the boston marathon and to cheer on their friends and loved ones who are running the marathon. three people were killed today in those two explosions that were apparently timed to go off at the finish line of the marathon. among the three people dead is a child. an 8-year-old boy. more than 130 people have been injured. as i said, we're at massachusetts general hospital tonight where within the last hour trauma surgeons presiovide some details of the injured people who he has treated over the course of the day. >> there's a variety of injuries, probably the most common serious injuries are combined lower extremity injuries, c
had strong opinions about the approach to europe, you would imagine. >> yes. >> rachel from pensacola. >> hi, yes, i was wondering, back to the blue room, did president or mrs. monroe actually make a list of furniture? does anyone know that? >> thank you. >> i don't think he stipulated, it was president monroe who sent off this order. i don't think he stipulated specific pieces of furniture. >> he wrote to contacts, to merchants that he dealt with in france and we need chandeliers, we need design. he wanted the american symbols, the eagles and those sort of things. they undoubtedly talked about this. when they were abroad in europe and friends would write and ask for them to buy things for them, it was usually elizabeth who did the purchasing. >> general of sherman offers this view on twitter. the monroe china was beautiful, simple and classic. it's the first presidential china and at least one person in the audience who gives it a thumb's up. our time has evaporated on elizabeth monroe. in 20 seconds or less, can you tell us what people should know about this woman's tenure as first
's wife of 26 years, rachel robinson, and historian and documentary filmmaker ken burns. documentary filmmaker ken burns. >>> and good sunday morning the excuse my laryngitis. on tuesday a bipartisan group of senators will present its long-awaited plan for immigration reform, the so-called gang of eight, has wrapped up months of negotiations and will present a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for many of the 11 million immigrants who are here without documentation. with us now the man at the center of bringing this group together, republican senator from florida, marco rubio. senator, welcome back to "meet the press." >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> i have to apologize for sounding like peter brady from "the brady bunch" this morning. i'm a little under the weather to bear with me. >> that's fine, i just thought you were getting emotional. >> let's get to immigration and the so-called gang of eight. if we were to sum up this proposal it would be to beef up border security, at the same time create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants now in the country. wh
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of the latest developments in boston now continues with the rachel maddow show. >> chris hayes, it is 9:00 on the east coast. residents have flooded into the streets to applaud, to say thank you to law enforcement. to the massive law enforcement presence in watertown, massachusetts. the end of a 28-hour lock down, essentially in the city of massachusetts. nobody knew for sure it was going to end this way, but they got him. boston police say they have taken their suspect into custody alive. they brought in an ambulance to transport him. he suffered a gunshot wound and lost blood. it was unclear how weakened he was. this followed the shootout last night. blocks from the neighborhood from the suspect's older brother was killed in a fire fight with police. this suspect taken into custody alive. remarkable ending, including the live shots right now. remarkable, including the reaction of people of greater boston and watertown specifically. remarkable ending to what has been an almost unbelievably tense week-long ordeal in boston and day-long ordeal involving the lock down. almost complete loc
, rachel robinson, as well as documentary filmmaker ken burns. we'll also hear from harrison ford who stars in the new robinson film "42" playing the man who made robinson's story robinson film "42" playing the ma[ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much you think. except it's 2% every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch. over time it really adds up. then go to e-trade and find out how much our advice costs. spoiler alert: it's low. really? yes, really. e-trade offers investment advice and guidance from dedicated, professional financial consultants. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. that's how our system works. e-trade. less for us. more for you. [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ge has wired their medical hardware with innovative software to be in many places at the same time. using data to connect patients to software, to nurses to the right people and machines. ♪ helping hospitals treat people even b
at 3:00, it is all access with rachel nichols at the final four, rachel nichols has everything you want to know about the final four, she goes behind the scenes, got all of the tears after the game, after the losses, she's got all of the cheers after the wins, she's got all of the pregame speeches before the game. it is all access with rachel nichols 3:00 eastern time on cnn. i need some more coffee. >> carlos, my sense is that's an all access pass. fantastic, thank you very much. hang in there. >> reporter: no problem. >>> check out this fan at wednesday's mariners/a's game in oakland. wicked slicing ball coming at him and he casually snags it in one hand while preserving every single drop of precious beer. that's a fan who has his priorities in order, celebrating his catch in the most appropriate way imaginable. with that beer a good ball park hotdog would go down nicely but food at baseball parks has come a long way. >> what? >> there's chocolate all over this ball. >> look, mr. buttermaker quick bugging me about my food. people are always bugging me about it. my shrink says that's w
. then later on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks tonight. music from kid rock and ryder and rachel is here. i had the strangest dream but last night. >> i dichlt really? >> i dichlt really? was it romantic >> as you have probably heard former british prime minister margaret thatcher has died. she passed away at age 87 after suffering a stroke. thatcher took over as prime minister if in 1979 and served for 11 years in that position. she led the nation into war against argentina over the falkland islands and installed difficult vice i have conservative policy in britain. her stand made her quick friend with u.s. president reagan and we talked with reagan former secretary of state shuttle at stanford university today about his relationship working with thatcher. >> very able. she worked hard. she did her homework. and she was clear. we had disagreements with her from time to time but you know always could work at them in a problem solving way. >>reporter: margaret thatcher is honorary fellow with stanford university hoover institution. >> for thousands of cancer patients smoking medical m
robinson's name by his widow, the very passionate and extraordinary rachel robinson. she is awesome. tavis: she is a fighter still. one of the many things i've always loved and respected about her is the degree to which she has protected his legacy and fault for his legacy to be expanded. earlier this week in major league asked -- baseball, everybody knows the story of what happened that day to no. 42. give me your sense of what it was like to be around somebody, spend time with someone who is that protective of the legacy of some and they loved that dearly. alsothink she is extraordinarily pragmatic and reasonable and sophisticated woman. you might think that such a fierce protection of her husband's legacy might encourage hurt to make choices begin encourage her to make choices that would not be the kind of artistic choices one might want to make as a filmmaker, but in fact, she was nothing but a resource. she did not want to make decisions. she wanted to be part of the process, and correctly so. she was extraordinarily useful to the director and the actor who played her husband. tavis:
. the rachel maddow show starts now. good evening. >> you did it. you launched. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. this was a very, very nice birthday present for you to give me, doing such an awesome show. so great that you're here, chris. i could not be more excited. >> i just want to make you happy, rachel. >> well done. thanks to you at home for joining us where it has been a very big day already. because of the launch of all in with chris hayes at 8:00 eastern, we have been thinking of today as opening day for msnbc, but today was also opening day for real in major league baseball. an unseasonably cold opening day in a lot of the country. major league teams all wore patches for opening day that honored the victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre in newtown, connecticut. and arapahoe county prosecutors in colorado said they would seek the death penalty for the aroura, colorado, movie theater attack. we have news this hour aabout how one state has decided to respond to the country refusing to let the killings fade away. the evolving politics of gun reform, and one state making a b
's rachel nichols joins me on set and joe carter will be live outside the georgia dome. both will be with us momentarily. >>> two little boys right now missing. police think they were kidnapped by their own parents. the latest on the search in the gulf of mexico coming up. >>> and north korea ramps up the missile threat rhetoric. they've done that before but this time many say it is different. find out why.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. >>> philadelphia was about to honor two firefighters who died on the job when a third was killed. he fell through a third story roof while battling a fire in south philly. another firefighter was injured. firefighters set up an honor guard outside the hospital where efforts to save him failed. >>> searchers are looking through the gulf of mexico fo
with rachel mad dow. >>> thanks to you for being here with us. i'm rachel maddow. the show is coming to you live just outside the hospital. today is patriot's day, which is a holiday here in my home state of massachusetts. it's the day that tens of hows, no hundreds of thousands of people pour into the city to cheer on their loved ones who are running the marathon. three people were killed today in those explosions that were timed to go off at the finish line. among the people dead is a child, an 8 year old boy. more than 130 people have been injured. we are at massachusetts general hospital where within the last hour, trauma surgeon provided some details about the injured people he has treated over the course of the day. >> there's a variety of yen juries. the most serious are combined, soft tissue, bone jury h yen juries. many of them involve the lower extremitie extremities. a lot of small metal debris. some people have asked if they were bb's or small bits of metal. i don't think we're able to say whether they were there intentionally or part of the vachlt. >> there have been doctors an
's welcome the san francisco board president rachel norton. >> any giant fans in the house? i'm a little star stuck-up here we've got the mayor, we've got the police chief and the fire chief. i want to thank mayor lee for your leadership for bringing this together. and i want to thank the giant for helping us to remember we're part of a team. we stress sustainability in how we manage our buildings and we're diverting our trash away from the landfills and you're helping us do that. so we're asking for your help again. this is going to be a fun activity there's going to be contests and you'll be winning stuff. thank you, very much. >> thank you rachel for your contempt to education. well students are getting involved in the giant sweep and right now we have two student leaders. that's right you give it up for your student leaders. >> all right. lincoln high school. how you feeling today? >> it's so nice to see many of you coming out today to celebrate the giant sweep in joining with our schools and, of course, the san francisco giants. >> you guys want to know why this is important?
in the same room as rachel robinson -- do you all understand, we are here with rachel robinson. >> big show ahead. stay with us. >>> have you joined the "politics nation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. today our facebook fans were talking about the first lady's emotional tribute to rachel robinson, widow of the legendary baseball player jackie robinson. carl says rachel robinson is a class act and a superstar in her own right. standing by her man and effectively managing and promoting his legacy. lauraette says she is so amazing. god bless her. marlon says jackie had to confront the blatant racism of america head on. he is a hero. yes, marlon, he is. coming up, we'll show you what the first lady michelle obama had to say about the robinsons today. it's powerful. >>> first, we want you to join the "politics nation" facebook family. please head over to facebook and search "politics nation" and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. >>> meet jeff marriet. he's a 35-year-old army reserve and combat veteran. he served in both iraq and afghani
. "the rachel maddow show" starts now. good evening, rachel. >> i like it where you left it, this is how it's going to be, you don't do it, you don't do it. >> all in an hour's work. >>> thanks to you at home, as well, for joining us this hour. happy wednesday, a wednesday in which i must give you fair warning. we're trying tonight to put a ten-pound show into a five-pound bag. there's a lot going on in the world. big immigration protests in washington today and in 18 other states. really big coordinated marches and rallies calling for immigration reform as a bipartisan group of senators suggests that there, in fact, might be a path to start moving forward on immigration reform as early as next week. >>> president obama releasing his budget today. i'm not sure if it's connected, but right now at the white house as we speak, the president is hosting a dinner with a dozen republican senators. the republican party chairman responded to the dinner tonight by saying he was outraged that the president is taking senators out to fancy dinners at restaurants. no one apparently told the chairman t
" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts now. good evening, rachel. i think i got through that prompter, not very gracefully. >> who i already good-byed. >> that's what we say in the biz. >> i've been there myself, my friend. thanks for you at home for staying with us this hour. two of the best things ever published about the 9/11 attacks are these two books. you know about the 9/11 commission, right, the 9/11 commission investigation into what happened on 9/11. they, of course, did the definitive official study of what happened that day and when they published the 9/11 commission report, they put it out, you might remember, as a trade paperback. it was cheap, it was $10, and they took care to write it in a narrative style so it would be read like a novel. essentially, they wanted it to be super accessible and it was a best seller when they released it this way. they didn't want it to be a typical blue ribbon, put it on a shelf and nobody reads it reports. i think that was an admirable approach. but, the even better thing they did is that they published an official comic book of the sam
massachusetts general hospital in boston. thanks for being with msnbc tonight. i'm rachel maddow, and this is the rachel maddow show. just wrapping up the latest press conference from massachusetts authorities as they try to communicate the most information they can and let people know the latest in this incident. right now the most important bottom line is we know two people confirmed dead and more than 100 confirmed injured. over the course of the next hour, we are going to be speaking with eyewitnesss to today's events. pete williams nbc's justice correspondent is on the line as well. i'm sorry, i said there were two confirmed dead, it's three confirmed dead in the incident now. bill keithing is joining us with and reporters there on scene today. the bottom line is 113 wounded by blasts, at least three people killed. and in boston today, as you know today is the boston marathon, and the boston marathon is held on a state holiday in massachusetts only that's called patriot's day. and that always makes today a different kind of day than the rest of the year. but driving through
. and rachelle bernstein is a vice president at the national retail federation, which supports the bill. rachelle bernstein, let's start with the basics, what percentage of goods, would you say, of sales are made online at this point? >> you know, it's a growing percentage. it's not that large. i don't have that exact number, but we do know it has really grown exponentially overtime. we know that number is supposed to double in the next six years. if we look sales tax base of the states it will be greatly eroded if something is not done to even out the tax burden on goods that are purchased from out of state as well as instate. >> ifill: we're talking about a difference from people with a brick and mortar and people like you at ebay who look at this and it exists on theline. >> it's a marketplace on the internet for retailers. we have thousands, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses who use the internet on ebay in other ways. many of them have presence through warehouse. the thing to think about that while the internet right now is 6% of retail. it's not an overwhelming number t
's "castle." i'm rachel smith. we love this show and it's amazing. who knew some of the crimes could be so much fun? we think that's what keeps fans coming back season after season. >> it's the comedic crime drama that has been charming fans for five seasons. and time has flown by. >> when you're in it, you're focused on the next episode, slugging away. everyone has a really strong work ethic. >> and that translates on camera, making "castle" one of the most endearing shows. >> i think we're an old school tv show, the shows where i grew up with, in the 1980 eerks a mixture of everything like that together. >> it's sort of in itself. > what's not a secret is "castle's" dedicated fans. >> they've been there since day one. it's continued to grow. i've got to give all my thanks to the fan base and then to my fellow co-stars. >> you'll see the stars get together for a big celebration here on the set too. we're taking you to the 100th episode party coming up, but j.j. snyder hits the red carpet for the new "g.i. joe." >> hey, rachel, if you're looking for some action, otrc s found it here at the
to wish a very happy birthday to msnbc's rachel maddow who turns 40 today. happy birthday to you, rachel. >>> a texas manhunt under way for the murder of a texas d.a. and his wife. just months after a prosecutor was gunned down in the same county. >>> and a "today" exclusive jessica lynch opens up about what life is like ten years after her dramatic rescue. keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good start to the week. . . . >>> a car slams into a south bay big box store injuring multiple people. we'll have the latest on this conditions. >>> plus, what we're now learning about the man involved coming up. >>> a bus fire on interstate 80 quickly spread threatening a nearby apartment complex >>> why people will be digging a little deeper into their pockets today across the bay area. >> a live look over a foggy san francisco. probably because there is a little bit of rain out there hitting parts of the bay area as w
beneath president lincoln's portrait and alongside the stars of the film, the always elegant rachel robinson, now 90 years old, talked about change and our current times. >> we have made great social progress in america. but we still have a lot of work to do. we're not there yet. it's not a perfect world. >> again, 90 years old. jackie robinson's widow rachel robinson among those at the white house today. >>> up next here tonight, a hollywood star, and an all-around good guy making a difference with a fresh idea in the place he calls home. >>> time for our "making a difference report tonight starring a familiar face to many people, the actor wendell pierce, a proud new orleans native who has taken on a decidedly unhollywood role in his hometown. he's helping the economy and giving folks a chance to live better and making a difference. his story tonight from nbc's ron mott in new orleans. >> we get it now. >> reporter: he's played a homicide detective in "the wire." >> you're my witness, huh? >> reporter: and a musician. now wendell pierce is a high profile foodie in food centric new
cheng and rachel cheng at 543 2nd street. >> thank you. i believe we have a staff report on this. let me just say that is there a staff report from inspector vancoal or others on this item? >> inspector keller san francisco police department alcohol liaison unit. raichian cheng has filed a application with california alcohol and beverage control seeking type 42 on sale liquor license for 543 2nd street. this location is midblock on second street between brandon and bryant streets. this premise is located in plot 274. this plot has 94 police reports recorded for the year 2010. applicant premises is not located in the high crime area. this premise is located in census track listed. applicant premises currently in undue concentration area. letters of protest or letters of support. there were zero recorded with the california department of alcohol beverage control. the department recommends -- southern police station objects to this application. on november 6 inspector stalker spoke with the owner of zaza. she told him that only neck massages were given there along with nail an
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